Heads design and research at Willful. Product Designer with 3x startup experiences.

Passionate about creating compelling experiences, sharing captivating stories, and bringing product visions to life.

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Who is Mary?

Product designer & UX practitioner

Startups hold a special place in my heart as I aim to create meaningful impacts for both users and business.

Mentor and mentee

There’s a saying in Chinese that stuck with me: If three people are walking together, at least one can teach me something (三人行必有我师).

Aspiring speaker

I advocate for the representation of marginalized voices in tech, and inclusive product design.

As a designer, I align user needs with business goals to create inclusive and intuitive experiences that drive positive business outcomes.

💼 Currently, I am…

Heading design at Willful as a Senior Product Designer.

Willful empowers Canadians through digital estate planning to provide confidence and peace of mind about end-of-life.

⏳ Before this, I was...

Senior Product Designer at Tyltgo 2021-2022

Product Designer at Rewind 2019-2021

UX/UI Designer, Design Ops at Qlik 2017-2019

UX/UI Designer, Co-op at CIBC, Accedo.tv, Guarana Technologies, Givery 2014-2016

🎓 Accolades

Women and Color Speaker Bootcamp 2020

d.MBA 2020

University of Waterloo 2017

🎲 Outside of 9-5

Co-founder and Design Consultant at Design Toast

Mentor at ADPList with 800+ mentor minutes

Volunteer at ClimateAction.tech

Organizer and facilitator at UX Hangouts (on hiatus)

My Expertise

Case Studies

Case Studies


Quiet Voices at Women and Color Mini-Conference - November 2020

Password protected because I have imposter syndrome (password: quiet).


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