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🖇 Linktree

I am a...

Product designer & UX practitioner

Startups have a special place in my heart

Mentor and mentee

A Chinese saying (三人行必有我师) that stuck with me is, "if three of us are walking together, at least one can teach me something"

Aspiring speaker

I advocate for marginalized voices and inclusive technology

I am passionate about delivering compelling stories and building product visions.

💼 Currently, I am…

Leading the design practice at Willful as a Senior Product Designer.

Willful’s mission is to enable every Canadian to have a will and the peace of mind that they have planned adequately for end of life.

⏳ Before this, I was...

Senior Product Designer at Tyltgo 2021-2022

Product Designer at Rewind 2019-2021

User Experience Designer, Design Ops at Qlik 2017-2019

User Interface Designer at CIBC 2016 (Co-op)

Product Designer at Accedo.tv 2016 (Co-op)

<aside> 📂 **Download my resume (may be outdated)**


🎲 Outside of 9-5

Design Consultant at Design Toast

Mentor at ADPList with 700 mentor minutes

Aspiring speaker advocating for marginalized voices and inclusive technology

Creative artist

Volunteer at ClimateAction.tech

Organizer and facilitator at UX Hangouts (on hiatus)

🎓 Accolades

Women and Color Speaker Bootcamp 2020

d.MBA 2020

University of Waterloo 2017

As a designer, I base decisions on user needs and business goals to build intuitive and delightful experiences.

My Expertise

<aside> 🎙️ UX Research


Over the years I have leaned into the research side of UX heavily, and have built different research processes at multiples startups to empower product teams with the actionable insights they need to achieve business and user outcomes.

<aside> ♟️ Design Ops


Design ops is the key to scaling product design and building design teams, and is ultimately about delivering business and user value in the most efficient way.

<aside> 🏢 Product Design


I’ve been contributing to building delightful experiences since 2017.

A good product is functional, usable, robust, modular, maintainable and builds confidence and trust.

<aside> 🤖 Adaptive Design


I have had startup and agency experience designing for mobile and responsive product experiences.

Adaptive design isn’t just about scaling to multiple devices or creating responsive grids. It’s about meeting needs where they exist, and is a huge accelerator of growth.

Case Studies


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